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NOV 26th & 27th

The biggest in-person conference for digital nomads, remote workers and freelancers in Latin america.

Buenos Aires is preparing to welcome digital nomads by organizing one of the most important conferences in South America.

And as 2 days are not enough to live the Buenos Aires experience, all digital nomads who come to the city, will be able to enjoy a week full of activities.

You’ll find everything you could want and need here. Buenos Aires is a cultural and financial capital, and there is so much to see and do here that you’ll never get bored.
Buenos Aires has a surprisingly low cost of living, and digital nomads can live here on a budget from as low as $500 a month to around $1000 a month, with a lot of this variability being based on where you choose to live.
If you’re looking for a great place to get involved with other digital nomads, Buenos Aires is a great place for this.
La Usina del Arte is one of the most important venues in the city of Buenos Aires

“For one week hundreds of nomads will take over Buenos Aires for an amazing mix of presentations, workshops, parties, mindfulness and experiences”


Launch and scale remote businesses.

Leadership, productivity.

Trends 3.0. & Remote jobs.


Personal brand.


Success stories of location
independent startups.

Finance and accounting.

Freelancers and services.

Productivity, well-being and self-knowledge.

Blogging & Content marketing.


New digital Nomads business models.

Projects management.


Collaborative culture and community development.


Bitcoin &



Our Digital Nomads speakers are experts in their respective fields and will share both their personal stories as well as practical and actionable strategies for growing highly profitable & impactful online businesses.

Brittnee Bond


Brittnee has consulted teams around the world to transition to remote work for the last 5 years. She’s an expert in remote working, coworking, coliving, and digital nomads. Her passion is helping people transfer their current skill sets to make them remote and has proven to herself she could do this by helping her law firm go paperless so she could work remotely on a beach in Costa Rica in 2014.

Jimmy Naraine


Jimmy Naraine is an author and entrepreneur teaching over 250,000 people online. After working for companies such as Goldman Sachs, he realized that corporate path wasn’t his calling. Since 2013, Jimmy has explored 76 countries while running his location-independent business. He regularly delivers top-rated presentations internationally, conducts personal growth training for companies and helps entrepreneurs create world-class online courses.

Tato G.-

Since 2014 he has been dedicated to organizing all kinds of free events to train entrepreneurs in digital marketing and remote businesses. He is currently the director of the largest Spanish-speaking Digital Nomads community.
He is the founder of the first Coliving in the city of Buenos Aires designed for entrepreneurs and remote workers.
Tato studied advertising and digital marketing at Digital House, Google Squared London and Hyper Island.

Serge Zhevelyuk

Nomading for nearly 5 years, Serge visited 55 countries, while dedicating his time to multiple businesses as well as working with startups and SMEs helping them grow into multi-million dollar companies. His passion is helping others to achieve success through deep emotional connection with their true identities which ultimately results in an incredible self and business growth. His current projects include a law firm and a construction of a multi-storey apartment building for digital nomads.

Sara Magnabosco, originally from Italy, joined Hacker Paradise in 2018 after spending four years in Belgium, running one of the most prominent coworking spaces in Europe. With a background in Sociology, she’s invested a large amount of her career into understanding human dynamics and the significance of innovative community-building through a modern lens.
After two years as Community Facilitator, running work & travel programs across 4 continents, she is now remotely runs the operations as Head of Operations at Hacker Paradise.

Hacker Paradise curates global trips for remote professionals who want to experience the world with like-minded peers, while advancing their careers.

Kaela Atleework is a motivational speaker, a global superconnector, and a researcher of human connection. She has been location independent for the last 10 years, and has been facilitating co-living experiences, studying group dynamics, and guiding transformational expeditions since 2015. In addition to speaking/facilitating internationally, Kaela is the founder of Montaia Basecamp, an intentional co-living space in California. Her workshops/talks are most often described as “intimate, playful, and highly interactive.”

Juliana Rabbi is a recruiter-turned-career coach. After working for over 15 years as a recruiter and part of the human resources teams in multinational corporations all over the world, she has been working remotely for the past 8+ years and now helps professionals to create a career and a lifestyle that makes them happier. Juliana has a background in Psychology, a Master Degree in Human Resources. She currently works as a Career Coach and helps professionals to land their dream remote job in 90 days. She is also a Digital Nomad who has been to 51 countries, she can’t resist playing with dogs, she tries different animal poses in yoga and enjoys acting in comedy improv.

Johannes Voelkner


Johannes has been digital nomad since 2010. While he loved the lifestyle he found it difficult to meet like-minded people. So he became a community builder himself and started the ultimate cruise conference and journey across the Atlantic Ocean called Nomad Cruise. 

Sergio Sala


Half a decade ago, Sergio began offering web design services online, giving him the opportunity to work wherever there was internet. This is how his blog began, his fame as a designer and he embarked on his journey around the world. Now he has a minimalist lifestyle (everything fits in a backpack) and always carries the best tools. He has visited more than 30 countries and 75 cities, although he prefers to slowly get to know each city he visits.

Rosanna Lopes


Rosanna Lopes is a location-independent digital marketing expert. Since over a decade, she helps businesses sell more by setting up and running their affiliate marketing programs and their paid search advertising. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Rosanna did her MBA in Barcelona, and has now been a full-time digital nomad with no permanent base since 2015. She travels the world with carry-on luggage only, has spent time in over 45 different countries, and speaks 4 languages fluently—Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and English. Rosanna is especially passionate about building nomadic communities, both online and in-person, which she has done all around the world, including co-founding the Lisbon Digital Nomad Meet-Up, which is now the largest MeetUp group in the country of Portugal with over 10,000 members.

Ellany Lea


Ellany Lea is a success coach, master freedompreneur, spiritual guide, and storyteller.

She envisions a world where every person is cherished and championed to free their genius so that it delights and frees the world.

Having lived and traveled 131 countries, radically re-invented her career 16 times, she champions founders, overachievers, freedom seekers, self-development junkies, old souls, and entrepreneurs to live fierce, fulfilled and free.

Sought for her deep emotional intelligence, clear wisdom, inspiring stories and vast spiritual agility, Ellany guides women to navigate identity, creativity and freedompreneurship, joyfully and gracefully.

Bori Vigh


Bori Vigh started her journey in Buenos Aires in 2010 fulfilling a childhood dream here. Since then she has been nomading in 65+ countries, travel-blogging, hosting and creating events for communities, like FreedomX Fest, Nomad Cruise or Belong Camp. Currently she is mentoring ppl who would also like to create their own adventures by “ReDesigning their own life”.

Bori Vigh


Bori Vigh started her journey in Buenos Aires in 2010 fulfilling a childhood dream here. Since then she has been nomading in 65+ countries, travel-blogging, hosting and creating events for communities, like FreedomX Fest, Nomad Cruise or Belong Camp. Currently she is mentoring ppl who would also like to create their own adventures by “ReDesigning their own life”.

Matt Bowles


Matt Bowles is the host of The Maverick Show podcast where he interviews today’s most interesting location-independent entrepreneurs and world travelers. Matt co-founded his business, Maverick Investor Group, in 2007 as a fully-remote real estate brokerage to help people buy cash-flowing rental properties in the best U.S. real estate markets, regardless of where they live. He has been a full-time digital nomad with no permanent base since 2013 and has run his company from 65 different countries on 6 continents. Matt is a proponent of “stylish minimalism” and travels the world through multiple climates with carry-on luggage only. He has addressed conferences around the world ranging from the Nomad Summit to South-by-Southwest and was featured in the forthcoming film “Roamers” (2021), the first ever studio-backed documentary about the digital nomad lifestyle.

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  • Nomads BA Main Event
  • Nomads BA Workshop
  • Nomads BA Pre Party!
  • Nomads BA buses to conference
  • 6 nights at Selina Hotel with Breakfast
  • Access to Cowork Space
  • Access to Yoga event all the week
  • Pickup Points for free (buses)


  • Nomads BA Main Event
  • Nomads BA Work shop Days
  • Nomads BA Pre Party!
  • Nomads BA buses to conference
  • 6 nights at OWN Hotel with Breakfast
  • Access to Cowork Space
  • Access to Yoga event all the week


  • Nomads BA Main Event
  • Nomads BA Workshop days
  • Nomads BA Pre Events
  • Nomads BA After show party
  • 6 nights at Sheraton Hotel with tennis court, 5 stars experience.
  • Access to Cowork Space
  • Access to Yoga event all the week
  • Pickup Points for free (buses)


Most frequent questions and answers

Nomads BA main event and workshops will take place in November 2021 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the days before the main event, unofficial networking meetups take place all over Buenos Aires.

The Main Event on friday and Saturday takes place at the “La Usina del Arte”

Agustín R. Caffarena 1, C1157 CABA.

Yes, it’s actually especially helpful for beginners!

Share the challenges with other digital nomads!

You will make valuable friendships for life and  you will learn how to implement new ideas. 

The National government of Argentina decrees that the borders will be open from November 1 to the entry of all foreigners

– Complete vaccination schedule, with the last application date at least 14 days prior to arrival in the country.

-Negative PCR test in the 72 hours prior to shipment, or antigen at the point of entry until defined by the health authority -CRP test on day 5 to 7 of arrival until defined by the health authority Those who do not present a scheme complete vaccination including minors must perform quarantine, antigen test upon admission, and PCR test on day 7.



Introducing the most influential speakers from the digital nomad community who have built amazing online businesses while traveling the world.


We present a series of workshos & Panels discussions with all kinds of applicable strategies dictated by experts who come from differents backgrounds and earn their money online.


You will have the opportunity to meet and create strong relationships with all kinds of professionals aligned with this incredible lifestyle.


Small group sessions where you can ask specific questions to experts and get specific answers for your online business and also share your learnings with others.


You can participate during the week of Yoga, open coworkings, standup night and all cain of  unique experiences designed for this beautiful community.


The location will be La Usina del arte. We present one of the most beautiful venues in the city of Buenos Aires. 

Why come to Nomads BA Conference

There is so much to love about Buenos Aires, especially as a digital nomad living in this city. Here are just a few of the reasons why WE think NOMADS BA CONFERENCE is well worth it.


Full week of in-person events. From small meetups and epic parties to intensive workshops and challenging talks!! The previous week is jam-packed with valuable events!


The people! The reason alumni return again and again: to make friends, build projects, start movements, and shape the future of location independence.


The conference content is curated by digital nomads who have been on the route for more than 10 years and are passionate about generating events and community.


More than 30 experienced digital nomads have already got their tickets for Year Five.

Why Buenos Aires is the best city for remote working


We´ve proud to share that we have partenered with some of the leading companies in remote work, bussines & travel.